Best time management games

To learn how to better manage time, you can try games and applications in the genre of time management. This will help you to prioritize and complete tasks according to their importance. You can download these games using any app data room.

In this article, you will find the best time management games for all tastes.

The most popular time management games


In this game, you will manage the bakery, fulfilling the needs of fastidious customers. You’ll have to make cakes and pastries so as not to leave the local sweet tooth hungry – and they, in turn, will repay you with ringing coin, which you can spend on new ovens and exotic ingredients for the bakery. It seems casual, but it requires good reactions, planning, and good financial management.


In this cute game of the time management genre, you will try yourself as an employee of a cafe, a pizzeria, and then – of your own restaurant! To succeed, you will have to learn quickly: learn the recipes for different dishes, cook multiple orders at once, and also improve the interior, buy better equipment. You can do everything to make customers hurry to visit your place! It’s casual in appearance, but trust me, the gameplay will make you work up a sweat.


Funny game in the genre of time management, dedicated to Emily, an energetic girl who decided to open her own roadside cafe. Customers are in short supply, so you’ll have to be quick and decisive: bake cupcakes and other goodies, quickly serve customers, try not to get mixed up with orders, and get good tips for high-class service! You can put all the money you make into improvements of the cafĂ©. There are tons of upgrades and decor items to choose from.


This game, like no other, will teach you the value of time. Overcooked is a crazy cooperative chef simulator, where you and your friends have to cook meals and serve them to the guests, trying to keep the time. That’s just the working conditions here, to put it mildly, unenviable: on a busy intersection, in the back of a moving truck, in the mouth of the volcano, and so on. And you’ll have to compete not only with the mission timer but also with the hard circumstances.


In this strategy series, you’ll take over the police department of a small town rife with crime, corruption, and lawlessness. It’s up to you to make this place become a perfect haven for upstanding citizens or become even more deeply entrenched in crime.

Obviously, the chief of police will not work for free: in six months he is going to retire, which means that you need to provide yourself with finances. It’s the timer that unites This Is the Police with other time management games: you have to finish everything in time to make a small fortune for your retirement.